When I'M Gone............

Poem By Sylvia Loven Carter

I'm gone what will u know are ask about me?
do you suppose you'll experience anything, something i never have?
or perhaps do something I never did?
will u look at my pictures and think oh she was so beautiful or no?
will u be able to recognize that I'd had my heart broken and cried tears as you have and will someday.

That I was made fun of from time to time, I bet you're wondering
right now why r thinking about something I'll probably never read?
well I'm hoping by chance you will and pass this one on.
I'm gone what will u know?

Comments about When I'M Gone............

Nice poem. Very well conceived. Rich in imagery and style. Fine poetics. I rate it 10. Thanks for sharing..... Please read and rate my poem 'A humble complaint' on page 2. Please use the search box by typing the name of the poem if the page doesn't open with the title of the poem.

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