TA (27 july / nigeria)

When I'M Gone

When I'm gone, I think to myself
I wouldn't make any more sense to life
Only the works of my life time wolud be left to be seen
Because I would have exhausted my usefulness to mother earth
The only room I would have to behold would be six feet beneath
Whatever goes on above my box would mean nothing to me
Because from birth to death all was a long journey after all

When I'm gone I think to myself
Would I be remembered as one who had a heart
A beautiful heart who was willing to help all that I met along the way
Or would I be remembered as one who has no heart
Or a blunt heart who said as it was
Or would there be nothing to be remembered about me

When I'm gone I think to myself
Would there be anyone to miss me dearly
Because we shared valuable conversations, tears and joy
Or because I got them out of trouble
Would I be buried with my darkest secrets that was never known
Or would peaople say ill things about me
Because of my mistakes and wrong choices I made when I was alive

When I'm gone I think to myself
Would I be called good, bad, proud, humble, unkown or legend
But I think again whatever would be said
I would not care about because I won't be alive to know what their opinions are about me are
I would only have done my part in the fulfilment of humanity
Now I bear in mind that when I'm gone somethings cannot be changed
I can only wish now that I'm alive, do and undo somethings as long as I have air in my lungs
But until the day the air would stop
I would do my part to humanity's greatness.

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