ACA (14 August 1991 / Birmingham)

When I'M Older

when i'm older i'll die.
will i feel alright
will i feel alright
will i die on the line?
will i live when im fine?
will i feel alright
will i feel alright
am i fine, am i fine?

to the tie-dye soul with the long brown hair
i miss your aura, the things that don't matter
you made me not care

and i'm glad i was able to walk that road
though how short a time i was there
i'm still tempted to go

i've got no rhythm and i've got no soul
i'm just here, doing what i'm told
haven't you ever done what you're told
sitting here playing my guitar on the floor

scared as i was i remembered to remember
all the things i'll always love about you
and everything i wanted to do
everything i can't do

i love the ocean but i hate the shore
i love the ocean.
but i hate.
the shore.

it's so forlorn and lost
though it stands in place
like the moon orbits the earth
but can never hide it's face

i've got no rhythm and i've got no soul
i'm just here doing what i'm told
doing what i'm told

when i'm older
i'll fall onto my bed and cry
because i now realize
i've made the same mistake again
i've found my joy and burden in sin
i've done it again


you won't let me fly
my hair in a knot
now my stomach in knots
now my paper is full of blots

and i'm hot
and i'm dripping wet with sex
though i'm naked in your arms
i belong to the sea and its waves of yet

today i loved like i am dying
though i never die again
i am so weak on the inside
i'm glad it's covered by my sin

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Mary Elizabeth Frye

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

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Wow. Partially this reads like a song. It's metrical in a way and keeps just enough rhyme. There's even a sort of 'chorus'. Not sure if that was at all intentional, but it works really well. Love, loss, lonliness, indifference, sorrow, regret, confession, sex... This poem is jam packed with emotion. A truly great write