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When I'M With The Departed

When I'm with the departed few will remember me
Not then to me it will matter if i fade from the memory
Of anyone who knew me without me life will go on
You can be of little use to anyone when you are dead and gone

And in the place of nothingness with darkness all around
Your ashes scattered to the winds or your body decaying in your coffin underground
May they rest in peace the departed is all that i can say
Their lot will too be my lot and amongst them i must lay.

When I'm with the departed on me do not waste your tears
I will have had my innings and enjoyed my better years
At living life one might say i will have had my fling
But for as long as i can to my gift of life I'll cling.

Our gift of life it does seem is on a terminal lease
And when I'm with the departed let me rest in peace
We seem to age a little bit with every passing day
And old father time as ever he ticks and ticks away.

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