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When I Recall Old Memories

When i recall old memories one memory i enjoy
My Summer days with Dan and Mary in green old Lisnaboy
The sweet scent of the meadows in June and in July
On sunny and windy weather when the sun shone in the sky
With pikes we lifted the hay from the rows and shook it out to dry
Whilst to feed their young the parent birds to and from the hedge did fly,
In the burial ground by Cullen church Dan and Mary now lay
And the Lisnaboy that i did know is a changed place today
The boy back then is now an ageing man and showing his years in gray
But nothing ever stays the same as some are known to say
One cannot turn back the hands of time but one can visualize
And in fancy one can hear the birds sing in Summer at sunrise
And above the rushy fields of Lisnaboy the skylark upwards fly
And his pleasant music echoes in the early morning sky.

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