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When I Retire

When I retire I am going to learn to play the guitar
Then across the country I will drive in my car,
On my house there is so much work that has to be done
But, now I won't see it as labor, but only as fun.
I will stay up late and not worry about the clock
Never again will I dread about the companies stock,
I might buy me a rod and reel and then go fishing
No more moments will I be daydreaming, or hoping or wishing.
There are so many books that I still want to read
I will be happy as my soul and my body will finally be freed,
I might sit down and write the great American novel
Maybe about a man, who with his work always did grovel.
I am so excited that every hour of my day will be mine to live
No more time of mine to the company will I have or need to give,
One day it will be my dream and hopes for me to be retired
That is of course if I don't quit, or get laid off, or get fired.

Randy L. McClave

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