When I Run Away

When I run Away, it's always to the same place
So don't worry about me, it's not all so hard
But when i fall on my face, please help me up
And acknowledge my cry for help, because
In case you haven't noticed, i need you
Wheter i'll admit it or not
I'm stubborn and i'll try to push you from me
Just come after me when i run away
Finding me will be easy
Convincing me to return will be hard
Tell me it will be o.k. and it won't hurt anymore
That i'm going to make it, and someone does care
And if i run away again, don't lose hope
Follow me and bring me back
Each time i will be grateful
That you belived in me and brought me back

by Guarded Heart

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It self explainitory for the most part, and if you want me to I shall.