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When I Said Good-Bye
RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

When I Said Good-Bye

Poem By Rachel Fogle

Sorrow of the deepest kind, pain so raw in stings.
Tears that pour fourth until the dawn springs free.

Along with the dawn I say good-bye,
Not caring about the cause.
Only knowing in my heart of hearts,
Pain like this is not worth the cause.

Drifting to self pity & living in the past only allows one to ponder questions one should have already asked.

When I said good-bye I meant for good,
Why do the memories come back to hurt us,
And stay within until time feels no more.

At that crossing of conviction that eternity in pause,
Do you stay or do you go,
Only to reap what field you crossed.

In the clearing of the soul, you reach a new level where good-bye is not just for the moment,

It is at last always & forever.

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