(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

When I Satisfy That Need

More money is spent,
Advertising nonsense.
Than there is right now...
Documented in our government!

There is a need to convince,
Those without common sense...
That a hypnotizing way of life,
Depends on nonexisting cash on hand...
And a system no longer that can produce it!

Cash as it is...is completely valueless.
The only thing left,
Are pretensions to bolster.
And the need to keep them lifted!

'You are going to want to kiss my tender lips.
And when I satisfy that need,
You will forget the onslaught...
Of your mental conflicts.'

What has that got to do with ANYTHING?

I just want to change the conversation.
And take your mind off a nonstop slide,
Into total devastation.

I'm gonna make you my secret 'boo'.
That passion you keep...
Tingles me to shivers.
Everytime you express your point of view.'

You are crazed!

Finally you are focused.
And my yearning has been confirmed.
Now we are getting somewhere.'

And you say you wouldn't make a good politician?
I beg to differ!

Stay focused! '

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