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When I Saw Her For The First Time
MZ Mohammed Zeeshan (22 April,1978 / India)

When I Saw Her For The First Time

When I saw her for the first time
It was wonderful start of the next
When I saw her twinkling eyes
I saw my future bright
When she looked back at me
She put my heart on fire
I realized…
That’s the moment
I was born for
That’s the moment
I lived my life
She is the one
I meant for
Life so beautiful
World so different
Just one look
Just one stare
Just one smile
Brought life
To dead world of mine

But I knew not
Path I have chosen
Path I am going to tread
Is path to hell
Is path on fire
Every step ahead
Is a milestone
To ruin
Every path ahead
Is mirage
And unfelt pain
Is life turning me up
Or am I going down
The path is weary
It is often scary
I trace life
A glimpse of future
I wanna see
I wanna hold
I wanna feel
But still a dream

I know there is nothing to gain
In love ye are not sure
What’s the remedy
What’s the cure
Only thing ye gain
Is pain, pain & pain

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