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When I Say

When I say “hi” I mean “don’t leave me”
When I say “bye” I mean “till ‘next’ time”
When I say “well I guess you don’t want to” I mean “please don’t let this end”
When I say” I hate you” I really mean “I love you”
When I say “your stupid” I’m thinking “put yourself in my shoes”
When I refer to “friends” I’m talking about the ones who talk to me
When I say “I pray” I am probably praying for you
When I look at older pictures I wonder “how did this get so bad? ”
When I look at you I’m most likely trying to read your face
When I use parentheses or upper case letters I’m probably being sarcastic
When I hear certain songs I will always think of you
When I say “I hate clocks” I mean “I hate the wasted time wishing and thinking about you, and the time I spend alone'
When I look at you I think “what happened? ”

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Maya Angelou

Caged Bird

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that is sooo sweet...i can relate a lot :)