When I See The Sun, I See You

Poem By Vlad Mutuleanu

My love, are you looking at the Sun?
Are you seeing my eyes?
Are you feeling its warmth?
Are you blinded by it?
Are you?
Please answer my call,
Will you, my love?

So do you see my eyes?
`Cuz I see yours,
Every time I see the Sun.
They are looking at me, embracing me
Making me smile
Even though our hearts
Are worlds apart.

And its warmth is addicting
Just like yours, I guess
But I just sit and wonder,
Maybe it`s not its warmth
Perhaps it`s yours
But then how could it be?
Wait, are you my Sun, my love?

And if so, I ask you this,
Do you see me in your Sun?
Do my warmth and eyes affect you too?
`Cuz I myself am blind for now.
When I see the Sun, when I see you
I don`t see the world around, I see just that
I see just You,

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