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When I See Your Tears.........
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When I See Your Tears.........

Poem By Ravi Sathasivam

My heart beat stops inside my soul
When I see your tears falling from your eyes
Your tears burn my heart with your bitter words
and your weeping wound brings me sorrowful world
You need healing for your weeping wound that's pain you
and I am here to give you relieve from your pain with my love
Like the cloud caressing an innocent bird in the sky
I will hold you tight in my heart and wipe your tears with love
Weep not my love, for my heart will fall away from my soul
When I look at your tears then I make you comfortable
and when I am alone then I think of your tears and cry
Your heart may have many reasons to cry and feel sad
but my heart is for you to find the happy words to tell you
I love you so much and you know that I do
Let make your tears of joy in my eyes with understanding love
and allow me to feel the passion of love on your lips
You mean the world to me, love you for ever

Ravi Sathasivam / Sri Lanka
Copyright @2002 Ravi Sathasivam

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Comments (2)

This is written from the heart sir.. I feel the best poetry comes when you put your heart and soul in to the work.. And this lovely, sweet poem reflect what a great person you are.. nice indeed with lots of love shan
Aww very sweet Iike it. Lylyanna