What's in it?

I heard your name the other day
Mentioned by someone in a casual way.
She said she thought that you were looking great.
A waiter passed by with a plate.
She reached out for a sandwich, and your name
Went back from where it came.

But like a serious owlet I stood there,
Staring in mid-air.
I frowned, then followed her around
To hear, just once more, that sirenic sound -
Those consonants, those vowels - what a fool!
I show more circumspection as a rule.

I love you more than I can say.
Try as I do, it hasn't gone away.
I hoped it would once, and I hope so still.
Someday, I'm sure, it will.
No glimpse, no news, no name will stir me then.
But when? But when?

by Vikram Seth

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nice and understandable
It is is it not a most remarkable thing, that when one of Hardies novels ran into controversy, he turned to poetry and gave us some of the best poetry of his time. I don't think he wrote another novel after that. But his novels portray Wessex as it was then and are most valuable in the history of Dorset. Daphne