When I Speak, You Begin To Write

What are 'we' will to give...
From us give up?
To keep 'our' relationship,
Alive and exclusively between 'us'...
To continue to make sense?

Are you willing to say to me,
On a daily basis something to please.
Something motivating that would elevate,
Without critique?

Could you sit through an opinion I make,
Without poisoning the atmosphere,
With venomous debate?

Could we agree to disagree,
And peacefully sleep together at night.
Or should I keep my eyes open prepared for a fight.

What are 'we' willing to do,
To strengthen what we have to make that better?
To make us glad and not sad,
Our lives lived together is forever.

'We could compliment more and listen.
And close our mouths with attempts to comprehend.
With an exchanging of points of view.
That's what we could and should always do.'

I hardly hear from you!

'When I speak,
You begin to write.
That's why!
And I know you're not about to give that up.
Not for love.'

That 'is' my love!
What else you got on that list?

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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