When I Surrender To You

the war is over

i'm carrying my dead away from the field

i fought for way to long

I just couldn't get you to yield

So i stand here instead

burying and counting my dead

Hanging my head in defeat

i thought it would be a new chapter in my life

but it was just a repeat

So i will go to this last resort

i'll file it all under my report

hopefully my life will start anew

when i surrender to you

My men are begging me to press on

even though hope and faith is all but gone

the chips are stacked

and not in our favor

for the longest time

i thought you were my savior

so i agree at the set place and the time

for me to sign the surrender that states

and reminds me that you will forever not be mine

Is this what you really want?

i ask you from across the table

i can't help but gaze at your beauty

like a princess from an old fable

you push the papers across to me

your looking to your left and to your right

i'm trying to convince myself

that what i'm doing is right

you are not even sending a glance in my direction

not even a remnant of that once adoring affection


i move the pen across the line

that seals our fate that day

the day you will forever no longer be mine

by michael young

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A well penned and poignant write! You got what it takes to make it in the poetry world, talent! Keep it up! 10+++ Love and Peace for always! ...