AA (Nov.30th 1989 / )

When I Turn Around

I just dont see why
You think i hate you so
I know i've been out of control
But you've took everything away
My brother
My love
Baicly my life
All of this bullshit
Just needs to fuckin stop
Dont you see its killing more than just me
But hey its just life
I've heard that tons of times
Buts its my life
So bump in when you please
Just let me find my own dead ends
I know how to turn around
Just to let you in on a secert
I could never hate you
Get mad at you yes
Just the little things piss me off
But i could never hate you
Just as much as you hear i do
So just think
About me trying this one out
Forget about the past
He seems really sweet
But i could always turn around
And you'll always be there
With open arms and an open heart
So let me see if i have to turn around
I'll always love you
Even if i dont turn around

july 10th 2006

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