When I'Ve Climbed The Highest Mountain

I have seen the blue Pacific
From the California shore.
I've seen the painted desert
And felt my spirit soar!
I stood on the highest mountain
And looked up to the sky.
Some day I'll cross over
To live in glowy, by and by.

I have seen the great Atlantic
Rolling high above the tide,
Stood on the sandy beaches
And watched the surfers ride
I have felt the sea breeze blowing
Lifting high above the foam
Seen honey bees swarming
And ate honey from their comb.

I have seen the gardens growing
And the budding of the trees.
I've seen golden wheat fields
Blowing gently in the breeze
I have seen the lightening flashing
Heard the mighty thunder roar.
I'll leave it all behind me
When I cross to the other shore,

When I've climbed the highest mountain
And my labors here are o'er
Then I'll be with Jesus on the Hallelujah shore!

by Martha C. Page

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