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When I Visualize I'M In The Long Ago

The stream from the high ground it babbles it's way
Through Claramore and Claraghatlea morning, noon, night and day
On to the bigger rivers to the ocean shore
It has flowed forever and will forever more.

In fancy the dark brown white breasted dipper I hear
Amidst the babbling rapids his music ring clear
And blackbird and robin and finches and thrush
Sing in grove and on hedgerow and on tree and on bush.

When I visualize I'm in the long ago
Back there in the old Town amongst people I know
In the pubs of the Town I meet them again
And young in my memory they do remain.

The biological clock on my life ticking fast
But when I visualize I return to the past
The song of the wren is carrying in the breeze
And in familiar surroundings I do feel at ease.

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