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When I Was 15
EM (7/20 / Brawley, CA)

When I Was 15

Poem By Eli MorenoDrew

When I was 15
I died of a heart attack
There was a faint light in a
Sea of darkness
I had no where else to go.
And there I was standing next to myself.
So I left.
Time seemed as if it had stopped.
I then focused my energy
and started to fly.
I flew to places I've never been to,
And revisited the places I've called home.
And after every place,
I felt colder and heavier, as I lost my
But I pressed on.
Then I went and saw
All the people in my life.
Friends, family, lovers.
I saw my new friends
And my friends I've known since birth.
After every friend I saw,
A piece of me fell from my skin.
Then I went to my family, near and far.
From my youngest brother to my
Dear old grandpa and everyone in between.
Yet as their faces passed mine
I felt my mind shift
and slowly fall way.
Lastly I saw a girl that I have grown to love.
And I could almost feel the warmth of her skin,
The coolness of her breath, and the beat of her heart.
And as I reached for her beauty I felt empty;
For my heart shattered and crumbled
into a thousand pieces.
And so I walked.
I could no longer fly anywhere.
I could barley even stand.
I knew that I had to go back and live.
So I drudged to my bedside.
And when I got there, everything was the same.
And I closed my eyes and took a breath.
When I opened them I saw the light.
And then the people.
I was dead for thirty seconds.
Never before have I felt so empty and hungry.
Wanting and needing all those things I lacked before.
So I got up and ran.
I could no longer fly.
When I was 15
A died of a heart attack
And lived to realize what I lacked.

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This was a beautiful peice of work, truly a tear bringer. GOod write, I'm almost completely speechlesS!