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When I Was A Boy

They say that life was much simpler then,
In the days when I was a boy,
For most folk money was pretty tight,
So you often made your own toy.

Collecting things was all the rage,
Sometimes found for free,
Trousers pockets full of conkers,
Sharing tips to find the best tree.

Unlike some I was an only child,
Collecting was always on my mind,
Marbles, stamps, coins and autographs,
Pretty much anything I could find.

Bubble gum cards were very popular,
Educational as well as fun,
A lovely set of flags of the world,
I still remember that one.

Those times have gone, a boy no more,
Of collections I don't have many,
But does anybody know what I can do,
With a horde of pre-decimal pennies?

by Billy Wright

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