When I Was A Little Child

When I was a little child;
I was a little wild;
A little adventurous;
A little naughty;
A little stubborn;
A little lousy;
A little rough;
A little nosy;
A little carefree;
A little fearful;
A little naive; and
A little gullible.....

Very ignorant;
Very dependent;
Very plain at heart;
Very inquisitive; and
Very innocent of the world.....

It was indeed the best time of my life;
A time i always wish has a second chance;
Even a second chance would have created hunger for a next chance;
I miss it with no moment to spare...

by Bakare Oluwagbenga Michael

Comments (1)

It is usually the best time in one's life. The naivety, the innocence and the playfulness. Nice composition! ! !