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When I Was A Young Person In Duhallow

When I was a young person in Duhallow in distance thousands of miles north of here
I had a liking for the dark cool taste of guinness and I had a liking for the taste of beer
But now that I am older things are different the years have left me feeling rather tame
Do not feel the desire for a drinking session better forms of enjoyment I could name,
The young bloke likes grog, loud music and young women, the old bloke does like the pub sing along
The young and ageing look at life quite differently in such cases there is no right or wrong
The older and younger generation have little in common the ageing one says I've been there and done that
He sits at home at night and watches t v the years have left him looking bald and fat,
The young bloke is out at an all night party enjoying the loudness of the noisy crowd
The hard rock music deafening to the ear drums till the morning small hours the stereo blaring loud
On looking back the years went by so quickly youth should have it's fling as some are known to say
My young years were my best years I remember I spent them near a town by an old hill far away
The biological clock cannot be turned back it ever keeps on ticking till to the Reaper's scythe we eventually do fall
On looking back the Seasons pass so quickly there is a last day and night for us all.

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