JSN (27/06/65 / Sevenoaks Kent UK)

When I Was Young

When I was young, life was fun
And filled with sunny days.
I’d not a care and all was fair
My youth was a blissful haze.

But as I grew, what was true
Unfolded into a lie.
My innocence gone, I’m left forlorn
So I often question why.

To remain a child so meek and mild
Is a dream that cannot be!
For as we grow, we come to know
That our world is a travesty!

My halcyon day’s, are all now gone
And confusion has come in their stead.
The truth I knew, has fallen through
Now my boyhood dreams are dead.

I work to live, not live to work
But still I have no time.
For the place I’d be, if I were free
And my life was more sublime.

I miss my youth and lack of truth
That made me so content.
For the visions I saw, are no more
Now I feel so impotent!

So is this all I can expect
Until the day I die.
Or will once more my wings unfold
And allow my thoughts to fly?

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Comments (2)

I was moved by stanza 6 'lack of truth'. Its always better isn't it? Thanks for this poem I like it very much.
Reminded me of the song-GLORY DAYS, they will pass you by.