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When I Was Young

When i was young my head was full of daydreams i had such silly notions of renown
But my prime years seemed to come and go so quickly in the countryside just west of Millstreet Town
In Claraghatlea in view of Clara Mountain from this great Land thousands of miles of sky
Whenever people ask me where i came from to them my heritage i never do deny
'Tis said by some that our destiny is in our Karma and this indeed may very well be true
In some ways i do believe in such a theory on what i receive from life it is my due
Nowadays from life i do ask very little i wish for to be happy that is all
I want to know the feeling of contentment my expectations of life now are small
I still walk in the fields just west of Millstreet i brought them with me in my memory
And every time i visualize old Clara with the bracken face is beautiful to see
So good to hear again the Finnow waters with ever babbling tongue as it does flow
Through old fields that have long pre-dated people where the rank rushes in great clusters grow
We must live in the now though my wish is to be happy we all do have our links to the past
Time has left me feeling and looking older and the biological clock on me is ticking fast.

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