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When I Was.........
MN (11-08-1970 / )

When I Was.........

When I was hiking in the woods
I found a walking stick.
I used it while I walked for miles.
It sure did make me quick!

When I was swimming at the beach
I found a pretty shell.
I hooked it on a necklace.
I think it looks real swell!

When I was at the millpond
I found a little stone.
I took it home and washed it up.
Oh my, how that rock shone!

When I was in the meadow
I saw a butterfly.
I knew I'd never catch it...
but you know me........I had to try!

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Searching and mostly finding something beautiful where-ever you roam.This made me think of a poem, Please check your inbox Mary.Love Duncan
This is a nice one Mary, short but cute. Sincerely Ernestine
A sweet poem, I love the last stanza.
Then I went home to sit and rest down on my rocking chair, the sun was setting in the West and as I combed my hair I looked out through the window screen and saw to my surprise two creatures that are seldom seen at home....... two butterflies. They danced and sang and smiled at me until the darkness came out on my porch they acted free and played their lovely game. And in the morning when I rose the two were sleeping there It is not known, but I suppose they liked my rocking chair. Best, H