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When I Will Be Long Gone

When I will be long gone and forgotten and in Nature what's left of me lay
The creek will flow down to the river and the birds will sing at dawn of day
And Nature will live on without me no matter who comes or who goes
The blackthorn tree in late Autumn will be laden with dark ripened sloes.

Many great Human Beings have departed and though dead for centuries their names we recall
In life they had done many great things but they were only mortals after all
But Nature she lives on forever as the only immortal I know
And the more that I learn about her the more my wonder of her grow.

So little I've learned about Nature though I've known her since I was a boy
I do love to hear her birds singing and my walks in her woods I enjoy
The sweet scent of hay in the Summer the songs of the crickets before rain
We come and we go like the Seasons but Nature forever remain.

When I will be long gone and forgotten as one more unremembered name
The grass will grow and there will be birdsong and life will go on as the same
For very much like Nature's Seasons us people we come and we go
But Nature she lives on forever or older or younger doesn't grow.

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