When I Will Die

Waking up in nights,
I think about life, and how
Long I will live;
When I will breathe last;
How far I will go and how
Many dreams I can weave;

Will I leave my love behind
And children to weep
Sitting near my grave?
I am not much rich,
They would remain poor always
If I could not save?

I think about my life
I feel low and sorry
For my father, much old,
He will die weeping
Since mother is gone long
He can't often act bold;

I can't hold my tears
About people around me
Who made me what I am today;
Whether they would care
To remember me and help
My family, I can't say;

Fear grips my heart
In this dark silence
And mind goes insane,
What if there would be no rebirth
Where is the place we will meet
To start a family again?

by Tiku akp

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These are thoughts which come now and then into most of us after crossing our youth! The fear of death, the anxiety of what will come on our dear ones once we leave, will there be anyone to grieve our death, what awaits us after death..... all such thoughts come to plague us...! . Your poem is a beautiful summation of all such anxieties!