When I Write

When I write,
I do my best...
To incite an insight!
Some may not like.
But I seek a comprehension.
Not to revisit...
A safety zone,
Already known.
Or one that has been mentioned.

And when I write,
I choose to test...
A curiosity,
Within me...
That does not sit and rest.

I want to produce seeds of understanding.
And in the doing...
Even I am not thoroughly delighted,
By what I have to admit...
Is a bunch of 'horseshhhiftivities'
From that which I have sown.
When I write!

'Horseshiftivities is not a word! '

I've entitled this poem 'When-I-Write'
Not 'Give-me-Your-Unsolicited-Opinion'.

'Did you or did you 'not' ask me to read it? '

AND not a thing more did I ask!
Did I?


But you must admit,
That 'horseshifting' business drew you in,

Not really.
I knew if I didn't read it...
You wouldn't allow me to leave.
Then I would have to deal with much more,
Than just this 'horseshift' on your shoulders! '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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