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When I Write On Something

When I write on something it is mostly in rhyme
I have been doing it now over decades of time
Since in my late twenties in my physical prime
With me an addiction that is not a crime

An inspiration of another rhyme for me today
A mild Winter breeze blowing from the saltwater bay
Above the green paddocks in this place in the far south
In Nature never shortage of things for to write rhymes about

On a mild day for August of around sixteen degrees
The warbling songs of the magpies is carrying in the breeze
The magpie larks call in their distinctive pee wee
Where the beauty of Nature is all around me

Though the sun behind gray clouds is hidden away
For Winter it is indeed a pleasant day
Where the contented cattle chewing their cuds does lay
Nature does have her greenery on display

The calendar Spring with each day to us drawing near
The weather quite mild for the time of year
Of singing Nature's praises could one ever tire
In her there is so much beauty to admire.

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