My Better Half

You are the anchor that holds me in place
Without you my life would be just an empty space
You are my strength when I grow weak
Inspiration i draw from comforting words you speak

I find solace in your arms when I want to cry
When I'm feeling down, you lift my spirits up high
When I'm troubled, you have a listening ear
I turn to you because I know you will hear

In my darkest days you always look on the bright side
You see right through me, there's nothing I can hide
Your warm hugs and kisses lets me know it will be all right
That makes me want to love you more with all my might

A day without you would be a day not worth living
I write this poem as a token of my love and thanksgiving
Howe blessed I am to have someone as wonderful as you
In every way, you are all my dreams come true

by Paul Adolphus

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Comments (3)

Truly inspirational, and something everyone knows the must do.
A strong poem James. The doubling up of the first 4 lines drives home the message. I like it.
dat is true Mr.James we must work together as a family, -n- frenz........