When Im Gone

My Life Has Fallen Apart,
That Im Drowning In My Bath,
I Watch My Life Fly Pass,
Like A Film Clip In the Air,
With A Heart That Once Was Beating,
Not Broken Or Unseating,
I Close My Eyes,
And Wonder Why,
And Think Its Better This Way,
Right Now, This Day,
Hope To Never Open All These Tears,
And Unleash My Fears,
That You Will Save Me,
Before Its To Late,
I JustCant Wait,
My Head Is Spinning,
My Mind Goes Dark,
I Say Good Bye,
And Know That I Will Soon Lye,
In A Coffin Under The Ground,
Without A Sound,
With One Wish To Fill,
You Come And Mourn,
That I Am Gone...

by Kirsten Hack

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