When In The Making Of Attempts

When in the making of attempts,
With intentions that had been premeditated.
What point is being made,
By the one deciding to provide a better attempt,
At a later date?

Who then would have the patience to wait?
Or believes one can produce,
Something that introduces one's best effort?

Unless one decides,
That the making of a first impression...
Is less effective than the making of a second.

And today,
Any sense being made at all...
Is a rarity that captivates and gets attention.

'Did you hear that? '

Hear what? ~

'Diction. Clarity. Enunciation with effectiveness.
A pattern of speech that is correct with vocal expression.'

~What should we do? ~

'I don't know.
I hope this is not an invasion.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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