When Inside A Devotion Applied Arrives

It can often be attributed to one's environment,
That prevents...
A seeking to reach above and beyond,
Perceptions of fenced in limits.
But one determined,
May not be a contender to become voted,
The one 'most' congenial.
With a purpose to promote one's personality.
A goal that is fixed,
Keeps one's mind focused upon it.

And it will not be easy,
Believing encouragement from anyone...
May or may not come.
And a self motivation can feel like a weight,
One carries like the sticking to the teeth...
Of chewing gum.
If one is committed and admits to it,
This may initiate misunderstandings.
And be the cause of severing from relationships...
When inside a devotion applied arrives and is decided.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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