When Iron Is...

It made me to struggle
As parents were always in trouble
They strived hard to rear
As I was very dear

They will look at me and dream
Think of tomorrow as god team
Comprising of me and bride
They always felt pride

My education was all that important
They were little shaky and hesitant
The poverty always brought gloom
Our presence was cause of worry in room

Father was aged
Mother too was ravage
By the hardship and paucity of fund
But she took it lightly and acted kind

Everything rushed to my mind
I was aware of it and felt proud
Such parent were really a good luck
I was in a family who really rocked

This made me to think broadly
Today I feel so much and can speak loudly
Their plight and condition strengthened my belief
In time of crisis, it always provided me relief

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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Interesting Samantha Cyborski20 minutes ago I really like how this poem flows. It's beautiful 9 hours ago
It made me to struggle