'When Is Empathy Too Much? '

When does something meant for good,
Become too much for one to handle?

Empathy is a part of Humanities D.N.A.,
But can void out walking in anothers sandles.

We all need to feel for others, this is very true,
However, sometimes it clouds a more rational point of view.

We see the hungry on Christian T.V. shows,
Bloated stomachs, filth, and poverty,
Little children in torn miss-matched clothes.

We run to our checkbooks to ease the guilt,
Or make those credit card calls.
But we first need to rationalize,
The depth and meaning for needs cause.

Our own states are suffering,
There are homeless and abused.
We seem to sweep them under rugs in shelters,
Out from everyones discusted point of view.

Created temporary dwellings not streets,
Yet not their homes,
Then put out to fend for themselves,
Again back defenslessly all alone.

We march in the streets, and scream at Government rules,
But there is more to this story, not seen by all these fools.

God placed in our hearts, a feeling He did give,
For empathy shows us, the way we should live.

Community to gather and pull each to their hearts,
Sharing what they have of, those empathetic parts.

I will say it again, so you won't lose touch,
'When is empathies guilts payment?
And too much of empathy for another, too much? '

by Linda Winchell

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