When Is When?

If my heart is the heart,
You are still loving...
Why don't you let me know?
Why is it that we both hurt so?
I feel you are there...
Wherever 'there' may be,
Enfolding you wherever you may go.
Are you holding onto the dreams,
We two together held and knew?
Although we have drifted apart...
I wish in my heart we could begin anew,
With a fresh start!
Do you too,
Wonder like I do about you?
I think of you more now than ever I did before.
Hoping to end a self inflicted pain I dealt.
Can we ever find what we found to love,
If we can then...
When is when?
Will it ever bring us together,
Before those chances for us...
Come to an end!
Like they seem to have done,
For us again.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Those first four lines alone tell of a dilemma I think every one of us has felt. t x