When Is Your Next Appointment?

So alone goes those needs,
One keeps secretly.
To wish for someone to exist...
Knowing already what 'sits'
On their minds that resist,
An unwinding of thoughts...
Kept and left unspoken!

Leaving them heartbroken.
As they try to convince...
No one cares about their sentiments.
Or show an interest,
To probe for treasures...
Buried deep!
Although unchained to be discovered,
By someone on a whim...
Accidently appearing,
To unearth a 'gem'
In an announced expedition!

And these are the folks,
Who say they have never found true love!
Or someone who takes the time,
To find their true qualities.

'I paid a psychiatrist one hundred dollars per hour.
And he got right to the point!
I was told my anticipations did not measure up,
To my expectations.
And my demands were masked by my perceived flaws!
So I have shortened my interview process,
And exchanged my demands for preferences!
Hoping to at least be asked out on a date,
To discuss them with my future mate! '

When is your next appointment?

I haven't made one yet! '

Make another.
You will need it!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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