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When It All Comes Out Shout Scandal
RG (20/09/1991 / London (Edmonton))

When It All Comes Out Shout Scandal

Poem By Renos Georgiou

fingers sneak to steal a feel
defend their attack but they counter
trying to reveal what was once concieled
resistance met by force to mount her

struggle but he is too strong
yet so feeble in his mind
if only he knew of all the wrong
if only he cared or mind

eventually gives up trying
Praying for a hope of dieing
block it out
a whimper from the shout

Leaving behind a broken heart
and a broken bar of chocolate
abused again like times before
used again, another whore

but yet she'll say that she's fine
change the subject and show no sign
but don't you dare evade the fact
to allow him to get away
with todays shameful act

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