When It Can Not Be Served As Dessert

When truth becomes a negative aspect,
Of one's reality.
And it solicits unwarranted snide remarks?
Danger is embraced!
Dishonesty becomes apparent...
And blatantly shown upon one's face!

When truth becomes a negative aspect...
Those who know it well and tell it,
Are the ones who become disgraced!
Especially in places,
Where truth has been replaced...
By a sharing of deception,
That chases away facts distorted...
With accepted receptions.

And those demeaned,
For the audacity of crushing lies...
Told by the ones with insecurities to hide,
Are ostracized!
No matter how obvious,
The truth for them does not inside their minds reside!
A diminished quality of life becomes celebrated...
In campaigns of support,
With a rejoicing undenied!

Truth is deserted...
When it can not be served,
As dessert!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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