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When It Comes To Power And Money

When it comes to power and money between most aspirational people not much trust
Little thought given to honest dealing and doing what is right and just
Money it can cause ill feeling as many have come to realize
And that trust and friendship lose out to it to anyone not a surprise
Money does speak every language as the wise person does say
None happy with a cut in wages though most would like a rise in pay
It is a known fact that most people would like to be a billionaire
Though the super rich of the World not many to say the least they are rare
That money is a source for divorce common knowledge it does seem
Lack of it can cause depression and give rise to low self esteem
People who are short of money so many things must go without
The aspirational and greedy will tell you money is what life is about
Often due to greed for money once friends become bitter foes
Money or the lack of it causes problems this is life one must suppose.

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