When It Comes

Poem By Chosen Reject

When it comes
It just comes
Like the lightning
It precedes the thunder
It creates 'the' plunder
There is no running way for cover

When it comes
It just comes
There is no escaping
There is no hiding

When it comes
It just comes
I cannot fool myself
I dare not fool myself
I try to revive myself
Everytime it comes...

When it comes
It just comes
Control becomes another fairy tale
Off and on the contrary
Kaleidoscopal view is all that's left
Another speck in an angel's dust
Ashes to ashes
And dust to dust...

When it comes
It just comes
Will I just keep my fingers crossed?
Will I still be this engrossed?
Depicting the whole storyboard
Encrypts the sense of belonging
Decrypts the animal inside longing
To once again be unveiled...

When it comes
It just comes
Loralai Gilmore won't be as pretty
Guitars sound better when they're smashed
Feeble pieces are better off disintegrated
Priceless moments to be burnt out
Than to fade away just like that...

When it comes
It just comes
With just me, myself and I
And the rest of you, you and you
And all ends well
Like there's no end to the beginning of the end.

Comments about When It Comes

i liked this one too. *smiles* another 10.
atomic bomb of emotions...hmmm dat sounds cool. Felt sorry for Loralai Gilmore for draggin her into this poem LOL
This is a gooood one. I thought It was about an atomic bomb at first, but perhaps its like an atomic bomb of emotions, i dunno, I loourve it.

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