When It Dawned On Me


When it dawned on me
The Resurrection
My stone was rolled away
My heart once hardened by sins degradation
Had its final day
It flung open, Light came in
I knew I was forgiven
Gods Holy Spirit
Bore witness too
I now believed in HeAVEN

Glory hallelujahs came
To, this soul redeemed
A new song birthed
Within my heart
Gods Holy Word esteemed
My soul, so close
To damnations door
Little was I aware
That if I died in such a state
I would be doomed forever

Praise God Christ came
To sanctify
And set apart for Him
Those blood bought, new believers
Pardoned from their sins
Fresh eyes He gave
To see the lost
The harvest fields are white
He rolled the stone of our heart away
So we could see the Light!

Copyright April l5,2011 7: 00 p.m.

Gary James Smith

by Gary James Smith

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