When It Dawned On Me

When it dawned on me
That Christ died for me
I placed a demand on me
I won't be derailed but by me

I started to work on me
To put old ways far from me
That I might obtain what God has for me
Having heard of his good thoughts towards me

I seek a fellowship for me
That this light may grow in me
But flesh still dictates to me
Oh God who will help me

My friends are of little help to me
Their words seem to condemn me
They claim until all these die in me
God will never be pleased with me

Then a wrestle within me
Did Christ really come into me
Even the church won't accept me
They keep raising doubts in me

They never told me
There is a work in progress in me
That all this struggles within me
Only indicates God is working on me

But for the still small voice that said unto me
That His grace is sufficient for me
And the righteousness is not of me
Because His blood completely atoned for me

Instead I should preserve the faith in me
War against every doubt in me
The word must continually dwell richly in me
And in no time darkness will fade away in me

Now there is a knowing in me
That God really loves me
And despite the imperfections in me
I can't be disqualified but by me

by Ayandare Mayowa

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A very well penned and poignant write that shows the heart and talent you got! Keep it up! Thanks for sharing,10+++ Love and Peace for always! ...