SG (April 29th,1987 / Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA)

When It Ends It's Far From Over.

When it Ends it’s Far from Over.

I saw it this morning, walking to work.
On a paper
In a box
On the corner.
“This just in” it proclaimed, in bold.
We win
The war
It’s over.
Maybe I’m stupid, but I never did get
Just what
It all
Was for.
Of course, I hear what they’ve been saying.
We did
It all
For them.
Five long years, and what’s to show
For all
That we
Have done?
The answer, so unfortunately,
Was just
That we
Had won.

I’m sure all those who’ve survived the victims

Retribution’s inevitable.

Thank you so much.

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This had a powerful impact on me, but I don't feel you need the explanatory lines after 'Had won', because your powerful title says so much!