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When It Hurts

There she goes the love of my life
She walked right passed me like I was out of sight.
Same girl I wanted to make my wife
She left and I let here go with out putting up a fight
My heart racing can’t gather my thoughts
Could it be deep down inside I think it was my fault.
I don’t know I’m stuck in a daze trapped in a maze
Hoping one day I can get my self out of this phase
It doesn’t look like its going to be today
So I look away
Telling my self I didn’t really see her so my feelings could fade.
What do I say?
Pop back in her life hoping every thing going to be o.k.
Hi remember me you broke my heart but I’m here to stay
Now I’m filled with rage
Filled with pint up anger stuck in a cage
What do I do? She’s right there in front of me and I don’t have a clue
Thinking about them days when it just use to be us two
Long walks, and long hugs and long talks till our faces were blue.
Thinking about all the shit I put her through.
But hold up
What about me and all the scars she inflicted
I didn’t stab my self in heart I’m most of missed it
These wounds of mine weren’t self inflicted
I should just show my ass and tell her to kiss it.
Talking to my self like I was insane
But really I was just lost and filled with pain
I wonder if she even remembers my name
I turn my head back but she’s not there
It’s like she vanished and despaired in thin air
Tricks are for kids I say to my self
Tell my self jokes just to see if it helps
Head still pounding still spinning
Like my whole world came crashing down in one minute
Life is a blessing, love is a curse
I rather live alone because love it self………it hurts.
But why does it feel so good?
Some times when it hurts

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