(fake Poem) Copied Dialogue

Faking it can only produce so much
Sooner or later your realized and you will lose your golden touch
A man in the desert must eventuality drink water
When he does he's caught
A travesty unbecoming of any real author
Authenticity tried and proven
In the readers world the guilty shall be hung
By a noose of rejection
Fact or fictions doesn't make a lick of difference if it is not of yours
To write with passion you must think for yourself
Create your opinions and ideas
And not become of a copied dialogue

by Ace Of Black Hearts

Comments (3)

saw a world about to come into being
I love the submerging and then floating up empty idea in this dreamy observation of life Jack. I read it a few times to get it clearly in my mind and I like the concept very much. 10 from only happy when it rains! Tai
Sooo melancholy...! ! It identified some idea that has been on my mind for some time. Like it confirmed something inside me. I'm fascinated!