When It Rains It Pours All Over Them

-awww, hell
I said to the disconsolate creature walking beside me
through the park.

-take a look at those lilies in the goddamn pond
as your paradigm of hope:
they float on their sorrows.

and she, hopelessly woebegone, replied
with dolefully crestfallen eyes in that absurd, uncatchable, caramelsunlight,

-but what about when it rains, it pours all over them?
that’s how I feel now. it’s the rainy-season Spring of my discontent.
(she actually talks like that, it’s amazing)

and I said
-well, they fill with water, to the brim, and eventually they sink.
that’s what happens.
but once the weight of their sorrows sinks them, they capsize, and spill
their sorrows out into sorrows and reemerge,
light and empty,
out into that absurd, uncatchable, caramelsunlight.

and then she

by Jackson Riley

Comments (3)

saw a world about to come into being
I love the submerging and then floating up empty idea in this dreamy observation of life Jack. I read it a few times to get it clearly in my mind and I like the concept very much. 10 from only happy when it rains! Tai
Sooo melancholy...! ! It identified some idea that has been on my mind for some time. Like it confirmed something inside me. I'm fascinated!