When It's All Said And Done

Poem By nadara curtis

We sneak the fruit of sin from the forbidden tree. The tast of sin so sweet that we catch ourselves doing it again and again.This affair has taken our satiny and laced it into knot of mixed emotion and past mistrust. But without you, wine holds not taste, colors hold no substance, and days pass in agony whenever your gone. But whenever your about I feel alone in half-hearted embrace. Your smile is just a careless yawn. That famous sparkle in your eyes is gone. When we talk, we either agrue or make love and still nothing is solved. Your once overlustful kisses and currently so blase. I feel like we're chasing a shadow of what we once were. Where is the kissable you, embraceable, understandable you I once knew. You've changed and so have I, but in the end one thing remains the same, you are my hearts keeper and the apple of my eye. We are trapped in this inescapeable never ending cycle of betrayal. For you and I are familar lovers, fighting lovers, hating and than loving again type lovers, those lovers that shame the mythical affair of Romeo&Juilet with our battle weary love. The angel I once knew is gone now, and the girl you once was is transforming into a woman. A woman who is outgrowning us... outgrowning you. No matter how we change it's always ends the same... You were never good for me and I was never any good for you... I just rememeber how we used to do...

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