When Jesus Fails

What does one do, when Jesus fails?
When lives are in distress
When captured souls in devil’s jails
God’s holy laws transgress

Salvation, being Heaven’s will
For sinner Jesus came
For liars, thieves, villains who kill
Feeling no speck of shame

With wayward conscience seared
With disobedient mind
Nothing is sacred, nothing is feared
Lost sheep, deceived, roam blind

This way, that way, round about
No thought of other souls
Without council, festooned with doubt
They’ll fail life’s sought for goals

Even if someone from the dead
Even from Heaven sent
Nothing would change or turn the head
Of fools who won’t repent

We must beware, to bend our knee
Heavenward raise our voice
Pray The Father will set us free
Making God’s Son our choice

Jesus, The Way, The Truth & Life
Cleanser of spot & flaws
Freeing one’s life of wayward strife
Opening prison doors

Speak to The Living God today
Jesus, tomorrow too
With contrite heart, humbly pray
And see what love can do…..

by Michael P. Johnson

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