The Last Leaf (Based On The Film, Lootera)

When you are on the verge of an end,
When you find no pleasure in life,
When you neither trigger a bullet in your head,
Nor cut your veins by a knife;

When situations go worse than ever,
When you don't even accept an advice
And drag yourself into a fatal thought,
Put it in black & white before it flies..

When you find yourself confined to the life of a leaf,
Waiting its fall in the winds of Autumn,
Watching them wave and finally fall,
With no hopes of a divine blossom..

When you show no faith to the one you love,
And keep fighting with yourself in & out
When your love turns into a PARADOX,
Tied to the moments you think about..

When you give up the thought of life ahead,
It is the love that strengthens your heart,
The love that begins with an accidental accident,
The love that fuels your cart..

When your love turns into a lifeline,
That once wanted you to die for a while,
It is the love that hangs a leaf on the tree
And watches from heaven your beautiful smile..


by Abhinit Chute (abz)

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Great piece of poetry penned with spiritual insight in poetic diction. Thanks for sharing.